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Op. Dr. Murat Ercan graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 2013. During his education at the Faculty of Medicine, he turned to specialization in a surgical branch after his ability in areas requiring manual dexterity was noticed by him and his surroundings.

Having a special interest in functional and aesthetic nose surgery, Op. Dr. Murat Ercan has made advanced progress in functional and aesthetic nose surgery by participating in courses and congresses held in Turkey and abroad on this subject.



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Hasta Yorumları

Although it has been 2 weeks since my rhinoplasty surgery, I am very satisfied. Thank you very much for your relevant behavior. It is good that I chose Murat Bey. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a rhinoplasty..

t..... 20 January 2022
Hasta Yorumları

I went for botox application. I found the Botox brand and technique very successful. My botox took off like a rock. I will have my rhinoplasty done by him, I hope it will be as good as botox. I thank him very much.

gü... 27 December 2021
Hasta Yorumları

I had decided to have rhinoplasty surgery. Despite meeting so many doctors in Eskisehir, I felt that he was the warmest and most sincere doctor. Without hesitation, I had a Rhinoplasty surgery to my teacher Murat on 01.12.2021. There was no pain, swelling or bruising, today my tampons are out, although I have edema now, I am very satisfied, I like it very much, thank you very much for your interest again

me...k 7 December 2021
Hasta Yorumları

I am glad that you... I am glad that I chose you for my rhinoplasty, thank you very much for answering my million questions, both insightful and explanatory, thank you for everything, my teacher is with you in every way with his knowledge and experience in his field.

es... 4 December 2021
Hasta Yorumları

For a long time, I was thinking about having rhinoplasty surgery, but at the same time, I was afraid and postponed. After meeting with my teacher Murat Ercan, I decided to have the surgery and I'm glad I did, and I saw that my decision and confidence were in the right direction. It was both natural and although my breathing was not a problem, I can breathe better than before. Thank you very much to him. I would recommend anyone who wants to have surgery to be without hesitation. Stay healthy.

es...a 24 November 2021
Hasta Yorumları

I went for my check-up for 1 month after rhinoplasty Mr. Murat was always friendly, sincere and interested. Thank you very much to him.

i̇...i 22 November 2021
Hasta Yorumları

I had a nose surgery with my dear doctor Murat Ercan at the state hospital in Eskişehir. First of all, he has a very developed sense of empathy with the patient, is very knowledgeable, and I think he is an expert in his field. All my doubts disappeared after the first meeting. He told me the whole process about the surgery, I never had any swelling or bruises on my face. I also paid off my payments in two days. Moreover, I had an operation at the state hospital. Before the operation and now, he still gives very polite and very explanatory answers to every question that I wonder and send a message to. If you have decided to have an operation, you can trust Mr.

de...r 4 November 2021
Hasta Yorumları

As a result of our intensive and meticulous research, we got to know my teacher Murat. I had surgery 6 months ago. I am absolutely delighted, she made a very natural, wonderful nose, she patiently explained everything in detail over and over. No one believes that I had plastic surgery, I have a very natural nose. I recommend my talented doctor

p....g 4 November 2021
Hasta Yorumları

I was very satisfied with Mr. Murat. I got through the process very well thanks to him. He had rhinoplasty. He was very interested, he was always interested and answered all my questions. I saw it on social media and went. He made the nose that suits my face so that it would fit my face, his hand was very light. He was very afraid of the tampon. Since his hand was light, it was also very painless.

ş..... 2 November 2021
Hasta Yorumları

I had my dear doctor Murat Ercan have a rhinoplasty, and I would like to thank him for his interest before and after the treatment, as well as my satisfaction with the result. You will definitely not find such a caring and smiling ENT doctor in Eskişehir. Good luck to you..

g….... 28 October 2021
Hasta Yorumları

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when k.b.b is mentioned in Eskişehir, I thank you very much Murat Ercan, first I had rhinoplasty and then botox.

s....s 18 October 2021
Hasta Yorumları

My rhinoplasty surgery was performed by my Murat teacher in October 2019. He was very sincere and caring. My surgery was very successful, I even got up on the first day. A week later, Murat removed my tampons again. During the surgery, exaggerated pain, aches, etc. It didn't happen. After that, he also did our checks on the dates specified by our teacher. Thanks to the suggestions, I found my teacher Murat.

oğ...ı 28 October 2021


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